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Budget Airlines - Cheap Airfares for Flights around Europe can Reduce Your Vacation Costs
By buying cheap flights from budget airlines you can reduce your European travel costs considerably. Check budget airline websites regularly for special offers where you can sometimes get 'free' flights.
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The History of the Aircraft Wash Guys, Part One
Below is the story of how the Aircraft Wash Guys wash founded and how they got started in the Aircraft Washing Business. It was in the business of aircraft washing and waxing.
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I Am Afraid Of Flying; You Are Not Getting Me A Light Plane
00 and when you land you tell me if you are really afraid of flying. No you aren't you are simply fearing what you do not understand.
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Lockheed Loitering Missile Expandable Wing Concept
Smart Missiles are expensive, but effective. This would allow the missile to slow down and glide conserving rocket fuel on a ten-tier rocket canister system.
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Future Shuttle Launches
However the shuttle should be able to be guided back thru the clouds via a ground system, augmented reality simulator like the Global Hawk. Additionally why would the astronauts need to see to fly the spacecraft/aircraft at that point? After all they practice such aborted launches after lift off in simulators, where they are not actually looking at the ground and also we have available now systems, which are even used in Business Jets for zero/zero visibility landings.
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Starting an Aircraft Washing Business
When in the aircraft washing business you will not only wash exteriors of planes, you must also have carpet-cleaning capabilities. My Car Wash Guys company was originally founded over twenty years ago and started as an aircraft washing service.
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Laser Beam Guidance for Oshkosh Air Show
To do this is will use a laser beam pointed at the aircraft in a certain color. According to the FAA, a preliminary test of the system showed that the laser illumination is "eye safe.
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Sex in a Cessna, Part I
If you have never had sex in a Cessna or other small aircraft then you probably might wish to read this article. Yes, in fact there is a right way and a wrong way to have sex in a Cessna.
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Automated Satellite Following System for UAV Swarms
The Aerial Fire Fighting Industry uses a s system called AFF Automated Flight Following System. All other UAVs will be controlled thru that data and by satellite in grid formations every half to three miles.
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Private Jet Ownership Indeed
Private jet ownership is really taking off these days. Fractional Jet ownership has never been easy.
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Overcoming Jet Lag
You may have heard that sleeping pills and other sleep aids are also effective tools for managing jet lag. Jet lag can be one of the worst, and certainly one of the most frustrating, aspects of long distance travel.
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Flying VS Driving
When fuel costs are so high, people favor flying to driving. If you check the cost of flying VS the cost of fuel in you SUV, then you will see how affordable flying really is.
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How to Get a Free Airline Upgrade on Your Flight
If you want a guaranteed business class flight then pay for one! Use your miles to purchase an upgrade or haggle a deal at the airport. If you are flying away on honeymoon then contact the airline in advance and ask to be upgraded.
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Essential Oil Skin Care Tips for Frequent Fliers
Here are 5 essential-oil based in-flight skin care tips that have worked for me, a former Frequent Flier. Add 10 drops of a good Dry Skin essential oil blend to 1 ounce of your favorite shea butter-based body lotion for maximum benefit as well.
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How to Overcome Jetlag
Jetlag seems to be every traveler's worst nightmare - especially if you're going away for just a short while. Go to bed at your normal bedtime (based on local time.
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Sex in a Cessna, Part III
* Please be advised that sex in the cockpit of a small light aircraft is against Federal Aviation Regulations and is absolutely prohibited. Now then, your head should be slightly off to the side so you can see around your sexual partner and look for other aviation traffic.

What Causes Jet Lag?
Jet lag also increases with the number of time zones crossed during your journey. Jet lag is a common sleep disorder suffered by many millions of travelers every day, whether traveling on business or for pleasure.

Downed Pilots Hibernating From the Enemy
Here is how I propose it work for the downed pilots in hiding waiting it out; 1. ) Administer the gas.

Material Memory and NASA High Tech Plastics for Rotor Blades
Designing them so they could maintain a fat leading edge when taking off and hovering but become ultra thin and streamline for higher speed flight. This would allow the rotor blades made out of this new plastic material to change shape.

Whos Paying for the Private Jet?
There's also been rumors that one famous couple held a fit when their studio would not pay for a private jet to fly their luggage from L. Travolta even convinced his studio to give him a personal private jet for his own use 24/7.

Increasing TAS in Modern Day Fighters with Expandable Wing Tips
We seem to be reaching the top end of aerodynamic design in an atmosphere in modern day fighters. The fighters we have today like the F-18 Hornet (Navy) and the F-16 Talon, F-15 Eagle (Air Force) have substantial fuselages which act as wings.

Airline Security; Stewardesses The Last Line Of Defense!
There is also the fact, that the Airlines often have little control over the actual Airport security and close to no-control at foreign Airports. However, first the Stewardesses have to intervene and are often the victim, of verbal and physical abuse from the unruly passengers.

Moving Troops and Evacuation Strategies
You could stop hundreds of looters and ship them to a secure detainment facility without the stress of potential conflict. There are also many ways to move troops to the area of conflict.

American Airlines; Crash: Nov. 12, 2001
It seems this episode in American Air Disasters History is a chapter that we did not have to see to fruition. We have performance and strict engineering principles mandated by natural laws governed by Mother Nature who could really give a darn what you do.

China is Starting to Build Military Fighter Trainers
China is entering the jet fighter trainer business and set to start building a completely new generation of trainers called the JL-19 Mountain Eagle. China needs this aircraft to train it's pilots to fly the Su-27s and Su-30 Russian Fighters that they have ordered.

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